• Matt Mio

    Fuzing classic rock, indie rock, and alternative rock together Matt Mio attempts to hit the refresh button on a genre thats lost its touch amongst a newer generation of rockers. Songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Matt has spent decades honing his various musical talents via a lengthy list of failed bands. Since January of 2022 Matt has begun to self-produce his debut album which is destined to turn heads amongst the Toronto music scene.

    Matt on Instagram 
  • Baby O

    Baby O, the angel of alt rock, is at your service. Pairing catchy riffs and melodies to earnest lyrics, her songs are loaded with hooks about everything from Sailor Moon to queer life and self-acceptance. Her first single, “Love Letter,” was featured in CBC Music’s Songs You Need to Hear and hailed as “a sunny guitar-pop anthem.” When you step into Baby O’s world be prepared to bop.

    Baby O on Instagram 
  • Allie Reddon

    Allie Reddon (she/her) is an indie, folk-rock singer-songwriter from Toronto. Since releasing her debut EP "Root Rot", Allie has been performing around the city and writing new music that she can't wait to share with you!

    Allie Reddon on Instagram 
  • Olivia Cox

    Olivia Cox is a Toronto musician working most prominently in prog rock outfit Waxlimbs, but now cultivating a solo catalogue of music. She combines her influences of prog and folk to create her unique blend of balladry, drawing from varied musical inspiration such as Joni Mitchell and Tool, as well as her choral background.

    Olivia Cox on Instagram 
  • Saint Wellesley

    Saint Wellesley (they/them), a solo artist born and raised in Toronto, ON, plays with themes of queer love through a series of stories carried by sweet and sad melodies. For fans of Scott Pilgrim and screaming at the moon.

    Saint Wellesley on Instagram 
  • Joey O'Neil

    Joey O’Neil will make you laugh and cry at the same time. Emerging from the forest with her guitar after a decade of Klondike winters, her folksy fingerpicking woven with sincere, queer stories of cabin life and cross-country adventures has been described as “Absolutely touching, even a little heartbreaking”.

    Joey O'Neil on Instagram 
  • Jade Falsetti

    Jade is a queer artist from Pickering Ontario who loves representing the community and participating in any events possible. Jade loves to sing and write music and holds a passion for arts of all kind.

    Jade on Instagram 

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