It’s *finally* summer time and we’ve got some hot new designs for you

Smiles on faces, flowers in the ground

SowSweet Greetings cards are plantable, punny, and sourced entirely from local suppliers who care about the earth. With a SowSweet plantable pun, never feel guilty about throwing out a greeting card ever again!

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Something for Everyone

  • Step 1: Send a Pun

    Choose from over 100+ (and growing) punny greeting cards to send to a loved one near or far.

  • Step 2: Plant it, woo!

    Once the card is recieved, make sure the recipient knows to check the back of the card for planting instructions to give the card a second life!

    Planting Instructions 
  • Step 3: Wait and see!

    Follow the instructions for planting and wait for the blooms to arrive! The 6-seed wildflower blend is non-invasive, non-GMO, and native to North American soil.

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Oh, and we can do custom too!

Wow your clients, customers, guests, or loved ones with a one-of-a-kind custom-designed plantable greeting card!

Send us your ideas!